Monday, 17 May 2010

How do YOU want to get involved?

We need leaders at higher levels to engage with NCSL in a range of ways - achieving Chartered manager status, participating in research and think-tanks, attending conferences and meetings, undertaking CMI professional qualifications at degree and post-graduate levels, completing diagnostic reviews in your own organisations, trialling new approaches that are developed by the centre and it's partners and collaborators - and in many other ways.

Contact us by leaving comments here and your email address and we'll get back to you. We promise never to send you unsolicited information and only to respond to your stated interests.

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  1. These are challenging times. For the country, the business community and especially for leaders in every walk of life. The need for effective and professional leadership isn't just an issue for those in management roles. Each of us is affected by leadership each and every day - for good and bad. Just in the last few weeks we've had the TV debates leading to the general election - a leadership contest played out in our living rooms - followed by a hung parliament and the agreement, by two of the party leaders, of a coalition - then just a few days ago we had the resignation of Lord Triesman in a media scandal regarding his leadership of the 2018 World Cup campaign. Visit and look at some of the research and papers there to see just how much change we are facing - and then visit to see and sign up to the CMI manifesto for a better managed Britian. We all know we need it. Now we have to make it happen.